Save 7% on Ionized alkaline bottled water for better hydration

Product Description:
Essentia’s electrolyte water for taste, optimized for better hydration, invites users to go farther for longer, whether jogging, running, hiking, walking, rowing, biking or climbing.
Believe it with Essentia’s supercharged alkaline water, carefully processed for better hydration, drink up more of life and embrace the extraordinary.
Uncap your potential. Fuel your resilience. Get up, get out, and go do it. Someone is going make waves. It might as well be you.
Provide better hydration with Essentia Water, conveniently packaged in a 1-Liter bottle, keep on hand at the field, pool or gym.
Essentia Water is for the doers, the believers and the overachievers
Essentia is the only bottled water listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.

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